The Beaver Hills Biosphere Making Connections: People to Place – Local to Global

Dr. Guy Swinnerton

<p>Co-Presenters: Dr. Guy Swinnerton, Jocelyn Thrasher-Haug and Glen Lawrence</p>
<p>The Beaver Hills Initiative (BHI) was established in 2002 in response to increasing concern over the cumulative effects of development on the Beaver Hills, located on the eastern edge of Alberta’s Capital Region. The distinct landscape of this area, together with the BHI’s commitment to conservation, sustainable development, and guiding change through collaborative action, are also the distinguishing characteristics of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve Program. The BHI is preparing a nomination to have the Beaver Hills designated as a Biosphere Reserve. This presentation will outline the nomination criteria and process specified by UNESCO, and discuss the work and projects that the BHI has been undertaking to substantiate the case for the Beaver Hills becoming a member of the global network of Biosphere Reserves.</p>
<p>Presentation from the 2015 Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Parks Forum</p>

PDF icon Beaver Hills Biosphere Making Connections

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