Boosting Your Analytic Horsepower to Improve Program Decisions

Juanita Bueschleb

Co-presenters: Juanita Bueschleb, City of Brampton, and Darryl McWilliam, Town of Oakville

Discusses collecting information from program registrants, accessing and using  that information.  Shows how municipalities are using computerized registration software to answer key questions about planning, budgeting, marketing and promotion. Using the software, it is possible to track the popularity of specific offerings, find out who is registering and when, discover where customers live and build user profiles. This analysis provides the information to establish and validate key performance indicators, identify efficiencies, predict trends and turn potential issues into new opportunities. 

A presentation from the 2014 Parks and Recreation Ontario Educational Forum and Trade Show.

PDF icon Boosting Analytic Horsepower

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