Bringing Quality to Life Through Municipal Youth Programming


Red Deer, City Recreation, Parks & Culture
Rob Meckling

This presentation provides practical ideas and tools to help municipalities integrate "fun" learning of fundamental movement skills into their programs by allowing participants to try out various sports in a non-judgmental environment. Tools discussed include:

  • scanning tool to assess current programs in relation to CS4L/physical literacy
  • quick recipes for physical literacy
  • ideas on how to collaborate with facilities and minor sport groups and
  • how to make use of built and unbuilt spaces.

Includes an extensive listing of organizations for further physical literacy resources.

Presentation from the 2011 Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Annual Conference and Energize Workshop. Co-presented by Lea Norris, and special guests Ashley Jensen and Leah Bell.

PDF icon Bringing quality to lifePDF icon Resources for Physical Literacy Programming

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