The Canadian Nature Survey 2012: Awareness, participation, and expenditures in nature-based recreation, conservation, and subsistence activities


Federal, Provincial, and Territorial (FPT) Governments of Canada
More than two-thirds of Canadian adults choose to spend time outdoors in order to experience nature. This and other fascinating facts can be found in the report on results from the 2012 Canadian Nature Survey, the first national survey of its kind in Canada in over 15 years and the first ever to include information about all 13 provinces and territories. The results of the survey clearly demonstrate the importance Canadians place on spending time in nature and the significant contribution that nature-related activities make to the national economy. For example, 89% of Canadian adults participated in nature-based activities and, overall, Canadian adults made an estimated $41.3 billion (Cdn) in expenditures for these activities during the 12 months prior to completing the survey.

The survey results improve our understanding of the importance of nature and biodiversity to Canadians by measuring their awareness of nature-related concepts and their participation and investments in a wide range of nature-based activities.

The 2012 Canadian Nature Survey was developed through active collaboration between the federal government and all 13 provincial and territorial governments, with the involvement of officials from departments including those responsible for managing natural resources, wildlife, land use, nature and biodiversity conservation.

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