Characteristics of the Energy Use of Arenas in Quebec / Energy efficiency technology applicable to Quebec's arenas


CanmetENERGY (Canada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology)

The 2013 study, Comparative Study of Refrigeration Systems for Arenas, encompasses the following: 1. Twelve typical refrigeration systems currently offered on the market. 2. A performance evaluation of each system assuming it meets the performance requirements of a selected reference ice rink the reference ice rink is the Camillien-Houde Arena located in Montreal. This methodology permitted a precise comparison of energy costs and consumptions for a 9 month ice rink operation period. 3. Financial analyses were performed over a period of twenty years and consideried six cost elements.

The 2003 documunt, Reference Arena - Energy efficiency technology applicable to Quebec's arenas, provides eight fact sheets to be used as guides for arenas’ stakeholders (managers of arenas, owners, consultants) to assess and compare the impacts of various energy efficiency measures and technologies on the consumption of energy, the energy expenditures and greenhouse gas emissions reduction in ice rinks.

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