Children’s Playspaces and Equipment that are Accessible to Persons with Disabilities: CAN/CSA-Z614 Annex H FAQ


Canadian Coalition for Accessible Playspaces

This frequently asked question sheet provides important information on the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Annex H document for owner/operators wishing to incorporate accessibility into new or redeveloped playspace initiatives.

It looks at the following topics:
  • Why is it important for owner/operators to ensure accessible playspaces?
  • How does Annex H support accessibility in playspaces?
  • How does Annex H work?
  • How does an owner/operator apply Annex H?
  • Are there additional costs associated with implementing Annex H?
  • Can owner/operators go beyond the minimum requirements outlined in Annex H?
  • Is Annex H aligned with other accessiblity guidelines or standards?
  • Where can I learn more about Annex H?
PDF icon Accessible Playspaces Annex H Fact Sheet

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