Children and Young People’s Status in Iran: Profiles and Challenge

Mohammad Taghi Sheykhi. (2006). Electronic Journal of Sociology. ISSN:1198 3655.

Abstract: Almost half of the world’s population is under the age of twenty-five, and nearly 90% of these young people live in Third World countries. The example of Iran has been chosen to reflect a picture of Children and Youth in a small part of the developing world. They are affected by globalization, technological developments, modern education, urban life and other such agents. Children and Youths’ status focuses on the ways in which changes in development theory and practice have influenced the increasing youth. The present study used various theories to prove why the changes take place within these people. Constant and increasing cultural change within the youth contributing to challenges in various socio-economic forms, has led to new issues by these people and for these people. The paper explores some of the roots of such challenges. The inevitable changing lifestyle of the young people as a controversial problem is an objective of the present sociological study.

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