A Consideration of Leisure Time Spent by Students at Islamic Azad Universities Nationwide-Iran

Forough Fattahi Masrour, Feridon Tondnevis, Amir Ahmad Mozaffari. (2012). International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences. 2(2): 10 pp.
This study investigated the leisure time spent by students at all Islamic Azad Universities in Iran with a focus on physical activities. The statistical population comprised all university undergraduate students in 14 districts in the 2010-11 academic years. The sample was 3,500 people selected through multi-stage cluster sampling.

Results showed the average leisure time of students was 2.7 hours, but there was no significant difference between boys and girls. Average leisure time of students during the summer was 6 to 12 hours and the average for women was significantly more than men.

Leisure time activities included party going, watching programs on DVD and VCD, working with computers and going to shopping centers. Lack of exercise among students was due to lack of time, lack of habit, lack of facilities and installations, laziness, financial problems and social limitations.


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