Critical space and leisure education in the 21st century

Humberstone, B. (2007). Critical space and leisure education in the 21st century case study - outdoor studies. Tourism Recreation Research. 32(2): 49-56

Abstract: This paper examines leisure education in the context of the expansion of higher education provision and the diversification of purpose and values of higher education in the UK. It draws attention to the contribution of Basil Bernstein's critical frameworks to understanding theory and practice in higher education leisure studies content and pedagogy and asks what are the principles underpinning knowledge creation and transmission? The paper considers the implications of the recent rapid expansion of higher education provision in the UK to course development and pedagogic approach in leisure education. It draws attention to its impact upon 'new' and traditional subject areas and organizational cultures. This is exemplified through 'case study' research into the changes in outdoor studies curriculum, locating it within broader national and institutional contexts. The paper raises questions about the impact of government policy on higher education and its curriculum in the UK and the marginalization of particular principles, practice and knowledge.

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