Cross Cultural Learning

Joe Pavelka

Speakers: Joe Pavelka, Julie Booke, David Legg, Gary Koroluk, Daniel Gyorffy, Jessica Pana, Melissa Drake

Are Alberta’s parks and recreation services similar to those in Japan? Do they share use patterns to those of South Korea? Do young families in China share similar value of recreation for their children as do those in Alberta? Alberta’s recreation and parks community has a unique opportunity to internationalize its understanding of its work and gain critical perspective with the inclusion of IFPRA World Congress delegates. In this presentation, faculty and students from Mount Royal University’s Physical Education and Recreation Department facilitate a cross-cultural knowledge exchange among delegates. Key areas of investigation include a comparison of practices, issues, resources, trends and best practices. This presentation culminates in an exchange likely to change the way of viewing the situation in Alberta.

Presentation from the 2013 Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Annual Conference and Energize Workshop and the IFPRA World Congress

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