Disaster Recovery and Mitigation from a Parks Perspective - Panel Presentation

Doug Marter

Panel Presentations: Doug Marter of the City of Calgary, and Fortis Alberta

This panel session explores the ever increasing need for disaster recovery and mitigation planning.
As the climate changes, weather phenomena seem to occur with greater frequency. Alberta’s park
systems can bear the brunt of Mother Nature’s fury, from the floods of 2013 that affected parks at all three levels, to the more recent winter storm that damaged half of all of the public trees in the City of Calgary.

Doug Marter's presentation looks at Alberta's recovery from the floods of 2013, and the Fortis Alberta presentation looks at its Cubicle Wrap program, including its connection with Alberta Parks.

Presentation from the 2015 Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Parks Forum

PDF icon 2013 Flood RecoveryPDF icon Cubicle Wrap Program

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