Emergency Planning and Evacuation: Standard


Ontario Recreation Facilities Association

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to recreation facility operators in
designing a plan of action to deal with emergency situations that may occur in the
facilities under their jurisdiction.

Because of the diversity of modern day facilities, each operator is encouraged to undertake an audit of their own facilities and analyze their operation and environment for potential emergencies. Operators should consult with local emergency services such as fire and police departments while creating their plans, and if not during, then certainly before instituting the plan. These departments are the experts in handling many of the worst emergencies we can imagine, and their approval of your plans for handling emergencies such as these should be considered mandatory.
It would make no sense at all to have your staff following a plan of action contrary to the
methods of emergency service personnel, and in fact could hinder the operation of their
plans and endanger lives and property. It is of the utmost importance to be on the same
page as emergency services in the case of an emergency situation.

It is also important to design the plan to suit your facilities in accordance with the
infrastructure in your municipality. This document, then, will generally deal with the identification of
potential emergency situations, and means of dealing with them. Individual facility
operators can use this information in developing plans suitable to the uniqueness of their

In some cases, emergency circumstances will require the evacuation of the facilities.
Procedures need to be developed that will ensure the efficient and orderly evacuation of
the occupants of the facilities. Guidelines for creating such procedures are included here.

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