Empowering Communities through Volunteerism: Wyevale Tree Planting / Woodland Beach Litter Pick-up / Bluewater Beach Planting

Rebecca Allan

Co-presenters: Rebecca Allan, Bonita Desroches

Volunteers in community organizations contribute welcome energy, fresh perspectives, specialized skills and grassroots opinions about important issues. But rapid social, cultural and legislative changes have reshaped the world of volunteering, requiring attention to orientation, training, human rights, labour standards, health and safety, evaluation and more.

The Township of Tiny is addressing those challenges—and mitigating its risk—through a multi-faceted Volunteer Management Program. This successful program, with its fulltime Community Engagement and Volunteer Leader and comprehensive handbook, is attracting volunteers who are enhancing stewardship and building community. This presentation includes details of projects undertaken:

  1. Wyevale Park - volunteers from various groups collaborated to plant trees
  2. Woodland Beach - litter pick-up
  3. Bluewater Beach - grasses were transplanted from one area on the dunes to another

A presentation from the 2014 Parks and Recreation Ontario Educational Forum and Trade Show.

PDF icon Empowering Communities through VolunteerismPDF icon Wyevale Tree PlantingPDF icon Woodland Beach Litter Pick-upPDF icon bluewater-beach-planting.pdf

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