Empowering Girls and Women through Physical Education and Sport - Advocacy Brief

David Kirk

This brief looks at:

  • Why We Should be Concerned about Gender, Girls and Physical Education - despite the strong claims for the benefits of physical education and sport, there are serious challenges to girls benefiting from participation in physical education and sport.
  • Issues -  range from policy and strategy through professional and institutional issues to personal and social issues.
  • Initiatives to Date to Tackle These Issues - the International Conference on Physical Activity and Physical Fitness Promotion Strategy for Women and Girls (2008) received reports from Egypt, Qatar, the Philippines, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan. Table 2 summarizes initiatives reported to this conference.
  • Options for Alternative and Innovative Practices - action is required at the three broad levels of policy and strategy, on the professional and institutional, and on the personal and social levels.
  • Principles for Programme Development - three broad principles can be outlined for programme development relating to equality of opportunity, the celebration of difference, and the possibilities of social transformation
  • A Models-based Approach to Physical Education Programme Design is outlined
  • Recommendations include advice for advocates for girls’ participation; encouraging research; providing a models-based approach to physical education to guide the development of programmes suited to local needs and values.

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