Everyone Can Play: A Guide to Winnipeg Recreation and Sport Subsidies


This resource guide was prepared by the Recreation Subsidy Committee, a working group of the Winnipeg Community Sport Policy. The committee is comprised of organizations collaborating to improve access and engagement to recreation and sports through recreation subsidies. The committee has come together with the understanding that although there are many subsidy programs, if we are truly to uphold everyone’s right to play, we need to develop a stronger, coordinated network of financial supports for families in need. The Guide was envisioned to be a resource for service providers and organizations working with families experiencing barriers to recreation and sport participation. The Guide is a living document subject to annual updates.

For the purposes of this document, a recreation and sport subsidy is a financial support program offered to families and individuals (youth and adults) who experience financial barriers to participate in recreation and sport opportunities. The guide provides a list of available subsidies, as well as steps and suggestions to get started and to get best use of the guide.

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