Free-time and Leisure Needs of Young People Living in Disadvantaged Communities

Tina Byrne, et al. (2006). Poverty Research Initiative. Combat Poverty Agency Working Paper Series 06/02. October 2006.

This study,  funded by Combat Poverty Agency under the Poverty Research Initiative, 2004, had the objective of investigating the free-time and leisure needs of young people, aged 12-18 years, living in areas in and around Dublin which were designated as socially and economically disadvantaged.

The research aimed to:

  • Describe the physical and social environments that characterise the neighbourhoods where the young people lived
  • Explore how the young people spend their free time
  • Identify the factors that facilitate and/or inhibit the choices the young people make about how they spend their free time
  • Provide policy-orientated recommendations that will contribute to the development and provision of appropriate leisure and free-time facilities for young people.

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