Green Infrastructure: From Rain Barrels to Wetlands / Water on the Land (one of three CiB Greenspaces sessions)


This session aims to provide an overview of what is meant by Green Infrastructure and how communities can benefit from rain gardens, bio swales, wetlands, green roofs and permeable landscapes. In the past 100 years, we have moved water from a site in a city through underground storm management practices and recently have asked questions on whether these practices are serving us well or need to be re-examined. The presentation shows examples of projects that have used green infrastructure and how one might measure success. It showcases the work of the presenting organization as well as the work of others who are engaged in the work of sustainable landscapes. The presentation covers large subdivision projects but also modest projects that smaller communities can consider.

This session also includes Water on the Land: Sustainable stormwater management guide for school grounds, public spaces and mid-size commercial properties.

A presentation of the 2016 SPRA Conference and AGM. One of three presentations by Communities in Bloom: Canadian Greenscapes. See also New and Innovative Plant Material, and Floral Displays.

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