Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality in Arenas / Indoor Air in Ice Facilities


Ontario Recreation Facilities Association

For the past 30 years, the Ontario Recreation Facilities Association Inc. (ORFA), has produced and circulated information on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in arenas. ORFA members, who work for extended periods in ice facilities, have the most at stake when it comes to maintaining safe indoor air quality levels.

The ORFA notes that it is not an authority on air quality issues but offers the following guidance for maintaining an acceptable  indoor air environment for arenas in Ontario. These guidelines do not supersede or circumvent any existing or pending legislation within the Province of Ontario.
See also the 2007 ORFA document Indoor Air in Ice Facilities: Understanding the Issues, which provides the background to Indoor air quality (IAQ) problems in arenas. Describes the issue of elevated levels of ultrafine particulate (UP) matter in some Canadian ice rinks which led all provinces and territories to reevaluate their information and testing protocols. 
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