Halifax Regional Municipality Community Access Plan for Municipally Owned Arenas


Halifax Regional Municipality
Betty Lou Killen

HRM’s Community Access Plan is a policy document approved by Regional Council in August 2012. It was created in order to ensure fair and equitable access to municipal sport and recreation infrastructure, by gender, sport, historically underserved groups, and emerging sport groups.  This presentation walks through the fundamental aspects of the Plan, and highlights the Ice Allocation Policy as a key deliverable, and example of how equitable facility scheduling can change access and opportunities for all citizens.

Presentation is from the 2013 Recreation Nova Scotia Conference and Trade Show

The full Community Access Plan document was created through a partnership with the Halifax Regional Municipality and Nustadia Recreation Inc., as the guiding document for the new HRM 4 Pad Arena Complex, and was approved by Regional Council in August 2012 for implementation in all municipally owned arenas.

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