Health and Well-Being Benefits of Alberta’s Protected Areas

Joyce Gould

Co-Presenters: C. Lemieux, G. Hvenegaard, J. Gould, S. Doherty, P. Eagles, M. Groulx and L. Nisbet

Human dependence on nature goes beyond material needs such as food, water and shelter to include health and well-being benefits. This presentation highlights results of a study that examined the human health and well-being motivations and benefits associated with visitation to, and experiences provided by, visits to six Alberta protected areas in 2012 and 2013. Results revealed several important findings with policy and management implications. Most notably, the majority of participants surveyed identified significant psychological and emotional, social, physical and environmental wellbeing motivations and benefits (outcomes) associated with their experience. The results of this work demonstrate the value of Alberta’s protected areas in enhancing human health and well-being and the findings have policy and management implications that will be discussed.

Presentation from the 2015 Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Parks Forum

PDF icon Health and Well-Being Benefits of Alberta’s Protected Areas

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