Hot Prospects Cold Facts: "Love Life" Survey of South African Youth


Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation

This survey of South African youth was commissioned by the Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation and is published by Love Life as part of a series of research reports to help inform public understanding of the HIV epidemic and the associated issues.

Abstract: This report summarises the key findings and includes

  • YOUNG PEOPLE in South Africa Today, Leisure Time and Activities, Happiness, Financial and Home Situation, Money and Spending
  • YOUNG PEOPLE'S Worries and Fears, Crime, Alcohol and Drugs, Child Abuse, Attitudes Towards South Africa
  • SEXUAL ACTIVITY, Sexual Experience, Information About Sex, Sexually Experienced versus Sexually Inexperienced Youth, "Safe Sex", Peer Pressure, Sex for Money, Sexual Coercion and Force
  • HIV/AIDS, Sources of HIV Information, HIV Knowledge, Responsibilty and Protection

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