How Can Park Agencies Use Social Media More Effectively: A Review of Current North America Practices

Elizabeth Halpenny

Co-Presenters: Elizabeth Halpenny and Clara Jane Blye

Park agencies have increasingly embraced social media for communications, education, marketing, visitor experience provision, and stakeholder outreach efforts. This presentation (three sections) highlight findings from a study of North American park agencies’ use of Twitter. The types of content, information, and engagement that were produced by the each park agency Twitter feed are reported. Numerical data were also collected (e.g., number of retweets, Likes, Followers, etc.), and comparison of park agency feeds is discussed. Recommendations for improving park agency social media content is provided. Audience members are encouraged to browse specific park social media posts and discuss the effectiveness this communication tool in reaching key audiences.

The three presentations are: Twitter for Parks and Recreation Professionals; Social Media Audit – Tweet analysis; and, How can park agencies use social media more effectively.

Presentation from the 2015 Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Parks Forum

PDF icon Twitter for Parks and Recreation ProfessionalsPDF icon Social Media AuditPDF icon Use social media more effectively

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