Inclusion – Equal Opportunities, Equal Outcomes / The Evolution of Parasports in Nova Scotia

Ben Marston

Speakers: Ben Marston, Louise Gillis, John Marusiak, Roxanne Seaman

Ben discusses the evolution of para-sports from grass-roots to the International stage. Strategies for how to provide inclusive options, including adaptive equipment for sport and recreation are also covered. 

This session also included presentations (slides not available) from Louise Gillis, John Marusiak, and Roxanne Seaman. As Skip of the only visually-impaired curling team in Nova Scotia, Louise shared the positive impact sport has on persons with a disability, and of the need to have more opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in sport and recreation. As Coach of the visually-impaired curling team that competes nationally, John shared his experiences of teaching a new sport to people who have experienced vision loss, and how it has affected him. Roxanne described the Acadia S.M.I.L.E. Program which provides excellent physical activity programming for children and youth with varying disabilities by pairing participants with trained Acadia students. 

Presentation from the 2013 Recreation Nova Scotia Conference and Trade Show

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