The Investigation of Student's Participation Factors in Summer Leisure Classes

Gholam Reza Shaabani, Ali Parsaju. (2011). International Conference on Environmental, Biomedical and Biotechnology IPCBEE. Vol.16, pp. 117-120.

Abstract: The main objective of this research was to investigate  student participation factors in summer leisure classes in the city of Tehran. The research included male students in elementary and high school  in Tehran. The statistical sample consisted of 7261 elementary and 7591 high school students chosen on the Kerjsay and Morgan's table formulas by the chance – cluster sampling form among statistical population. A survey type in which field study form was used. For gathering date a questionnaire was used. In addition to descriptive statistics, the Freedman's test was used for data analysis.

The results of the research showed that elementary and high school students gave first priority to sport because of its enjoyment value. English language learning, computer games, music, calligraphy and portrait and handicraft classes were also popular. The reason for selecting sport for elementary and high school students includes such factors as media, educators' direction, Parents, and friends, sport progress, the availability of sport spaces and being recognized for skills. Planning and providing ways for students to participate is required.

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