Live the Athabasca: A Plan to Realize the Recreation and Tourism Potential of Alberta's Arctic Water Route


Justin Ellis

Live the Athabasca (LTA) is a forward-looking recreation and tourism concept plan for Alberta’s Trans Canada Trail Arctic Water Route. Known as the lower Athabasca River, the water route extends 362km from the Town of Athabasca to Fort McMurray. From jet boating to white water paddling, snowmobiling to dog sledding, the river can provide something for almost everyone. Despite its tremendous assets, the river’s true recreation and tourism potential has yet to be realized. LTA imagines the true potential of the river and serves as a call to action for anyone interested in bringing the vision to life and those interested in providing visitors the opportunity to live the Athabasca as it was yesterday and as it is today.

Presentation from the 2014 Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Annual Conference and Energize Workshop

PDF icon A2 Athabasca Alberta Arctic Water Route Plan

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