A Local Government Guide to Creating Municipal Alcohol Policy


British Columbia Ministry of Health Services

This document was been prepared by the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with BC Healthy Communities, to serve as a guide for local governments/First Nations in the planning of a municipal alcohol policy (MAP). A MAP helps local governments/First Nations manage alcohol facilities they own and manage, and reduces liability for alcohol-related problems.

This guide explains what a MAP is, how it can benefit your local government/First Nation and how to create one, from start to finish. It is part of a broader set of initiatives that are underway across the province to improve the overall health and well-being of British Columbians. These initiatives include strategies, programs and policies that aim to mitigate the harms associated with the consumption of alcohol and other substances.

The ultimate public health goal of a MAP is moderate consumption of alcohol through the promotion of practices that will prevent under-aged drinking, intoxication, and other forms of risky drinking. MAPs also have an important public safety goal by ensuring that local government/First Nation owned facilities and events are safe and well-managed. They support community values and a culture of moderation by raising awareness about alcohol-related issues and influencing community social norms that contribute to drinking behaviours. 

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