Measuring Customer Value and Satisfaction for Parks and Recreation


Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO)

This unique resource was designed to help municipalities measure key indicators of success in recreation and parks. This resource, which is free to download for all Ontario municipalities includes a complete and comprehensive manual containing all of the information needed to get started. Includes sections on designing a survey, implementing a survey and analyzing the results. Ready to use survey modules are provided. It also contains the complete survey, with tips included for key questions. WHY USE IT? Customizable for large, small, urban and rural municipalities with large or small operations Helps you quickly and easily understand what the public perceives as important and valuable WHAT WILL IT GIVE YOU? The tool will help Municipal Staff and Council: Better understand the needs of residents and users in order to provide a high level of customer satisfaction Develop “client first” processes and services Gather sufficient data to inform planning, budgeting and decision-making Develop service standards that are defined and followed Develop inclusive and accessible practices Have a high level of employee satisfaction Have a higher quality of life

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