Measuring Leisure Satisfaction

Beard, J. G. and M.G. Ragheb. (1980). Measuring Leisure Satisfaction. Journal of Leisure Research. 1980 12(1): 20-33

Abstract: Literature on leisure behaviour was reviewed to identify indicators relevant to the construct leisure satisfaction. That yielded many indicators which were reduced and developed a scale of 59 items. The instrument was subject to two pilot studies. Content validity was tested by sending the instrument to over 160 experts and judges (professors, researchers and practitioners) in the area of leisure behaviour and recreation. Responses reflected approval of the instrument. Reliability was assessed utilizing two samples in the Spring of 1978. First it was administered to a sample of 603 individuals. As a result of analyses some changes and refinements of the instrument took place; it was then administered to another sample of 347 subjects, largely students. Utilizing factor analysis and alpha reliability yielded a scale of six components of leisure satisfaction with reliability of .96. The components and their reliabilities were: Psychological .86, educational .90, social .88, relaxation .85, physiological .92, and aesthetic .86.

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