Media Time vs Active Time: Leisure Time among the Youth in Disadvantaged Community

Rahim, Samsudin   A.   et al. (2011). International Journal of Human and Social Sciences. 6(3): 153-158

Abstract: Aims to explore how the youth in a disadvantaged community spend their leisure hours. ‘Leisurehours’ is defined as the waking hours when a person is neither in school nor at work. Data for this study was collected through a questionnaire to 695 respondents, who were 15 to 25 years old and were living in high-rise low income apartments in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. 

Results show that, contrary to prevailing belief, spending more time with the media is a good deterrent to antisocial behaviours. Physical activity should be encouraged, and a range of constructive opportunities for meeting the leisure needs of youth should be part of an integrated urban development planning. This will give the urban youth of disadvantaged communities an opportunity to develop their true potential.

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