On the Move: Increasing Participation of Girls and Women in PA and Sport / After School / Newcomers / Aboriginal / Ethnic


Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS)

On the Move is an innovative programming concept to help service providers increase girls’ and young women’s participation in sport and physical activity. The On the Move Handbook discusses the issues and barriers that girls and young women face in their participation and provides information about program design and implementation, leadership, promotion, and building community support. 

Resources include: The On the Move Handbook, On the Move Top 10 Success Factors for After School programs, Policy and Recommendations for Active After School Programs for Girls and Young Women, Newcomer Girls and Young Women On the Move: Making Sport and Physical Activity Inclusive to Newcomers in Canada, Success Stories, Active After School Programs for Girls and Young Women – Success Stories from Five Friendship Centres, Making Healthy Connections with Racialized Communities Report, and more.

See also On the Move: Creating Positive Programs for Aboriginal Girls and Young Women and On the Move, Aboriginal On the Move Digital Storytelling Workshop in Sport stories on the Team Spirit: Aboriginal Girls in Sport site.

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