Moving from Grey to Green: Public Spaces as Green Infrastructure


Credit Valley Conservation
Deborah Martin-Downs

Co-Presenters: Deborah Martin-Downs and Christine Zimmer, Credit Valley Conservation 

Bringing Canada’s aging drinking water, waste water and storm water systems up to par would cost $170 billion, according to a 2012 estimate by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Green infrastructure helps to contain the load on those systems and reduce storm water risks at a time when climate change is bringing more extreme weather events. More communities are looking at ways to complement existing infrastructure by moving more public spaces from “grey” to “green,” whether it be a green roof project, porous/permeable parking lots or sustainable energy production. This presentation looks at how your community could make the shift and see increased individual health and citizen engagement as the outdoors becomes a more inviting place to be.  

A presentation from the 2015 Parks and Recreation Ontario Educational Forum and Trade Show

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