MP: Ardrossan Community Recreation Master Plan


The 2009 Ardrossan Community Recreation Master Plan has been developed to help guide Strathcona County Council and administration in the future provision of community facilities, parks, and open spaces in Ardrossan. It has been developed based upon a community needs assessment that included review and recognition of:

  • Numerous municipal planning documents, such as the Strathcona County Strategic Plan and others,
  • Various community projects and initiatives, such as the Ardrossan Recreation Complex Infrastructure Reinvestment, and others.

An analysis of the demographics of the community was undertaken as was research into community service trends and the provision of leisure, recreation, and cultural services.

The Ardrossan Community Recreation Master Plan is presented in four separate themes:

  1. The creation of a walkable community;
  2. Places for community gathering;
  3. Places for specialized activities and youth; and
  4. Teams sports.

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