MP: Camrose Green Space Master Plan


Parks and green space play a vital role in the quality of life in the City of Camrose. Creating a Green Space Master Plan (GSMP) for Camrose is an opportunity for all stakeholders and members of the public to influence the future of their community’s green space, and work together to create a unified direction which meets their current and future social, environmental, cultural and economic needs.

Camrose’s current Green Space System encompasses many hundreds of acres of land, predominantly owned by the City. This includes a wide range of parks that serve the local and regional community, and visitors. Until now, the City’s Municipal Development Plan (MDP) was the only document that guided the creation and management of green space. 

The purpose of the Green Space Master Plan is: To develop and express the City’s policy on green space allocation, development, management and protection within the boundaries of the City of Camrose.

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