MP: City of Kelowna Linear Parks Master Plan


From Executive Summary: The purpose of the Linear Parks Master Plan is to provide long-term direction for the planning and construction of a well coordinated, sustainable and environmentally responsible trail network spanning the entire City, to provide recreational opportunities and to accommodate alternative transportation for a diverse range of trail users.

The vision of the Linear Parks Master Plan is: ▪ An interconnected network of outstanding linear parks, serving all forms of non-vehicular movement, linking points of interest throughout the City, and providing healthy and diverse transportation and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Goals are outlined for recreation, connections, accessibility, ecology, landscape character, and tourism. Identified benefits of linear parks include: environmental awareness, landscape appreciation, fun, increased social connections, tourism, heritage and cultural awareness, decreased use of vehicles, fitness and health.

Standards and guidelines are provided for six classes of trails: ▪ Class 1: Major Urban Promenade ▪ Class 2: Major City Wide ▪ Class 3: Roadside Corridor ▪ Class 4: Standard Multi Use ▪ Class 5: Narrow Multi Use ▪ Class 6: Nature Trails

PDF icon Kelowna Linear Parks Master Plan