MP: City of Merritt Parks Master Plan


The parks, recreation and cultural master plan contains a variety of recommendations in the areas of parks, trails and facilities. It contains 27 recommendations for parks representing a $2.6 million investment over 10 years, 10 recommendations for trails worth $260,000 over 10 years and 22 recommendations for public facility management worth $390,000 over the next decade.

The plan included a financial review, which found there is a need for closer scrutiny of departmental revenues and expenses to determine the true cost of providing services to the community. It also found that many of the city’s user fees and charges are less than comparators and there appears to be support for increases to user fees and taxes for increased services.

The stated Vision is: "Provide a system of inclusive, accessible, and diverse parks, trails, recreation and cultural opportunities, which provide a healthy and active lifestyle for residents and attract visitors."