MP: Halifax Regional Municipality Urban Forest Master Plan


Halifax Regional Municipality

The overall goal of the UFMP is to ensure a sustainable future for our urban forest. The multi-year community engagement process and research initiatives that led to the development of the Plan has resulted in an integrated social, ecological, and economic strategy that strives to incorporate the values of HRM citizens. The UFMP is a comprehensive document that:

  • Provides a detailed overview of the environmental and economic benefits provided by HRM‘s urban forest.
  • Explains the overall design of the Plan and the methods and planning principles used in its development.
  • Articulates a UFMP management framework, which includes an inventory of urban forest values, objectives, indicators, and canopy targets linked to specific management and monitoring efforts.
  • Offers an in-depth analysis of current urban forest conditions, as well as existing and future challenges, opportunities, and priorities for managing the urban forest at community and neighbourhood scales.
  • Outlines a priority-based implementation strategy including actions, probable costs, management structure and timelines
PDF icon halifax-urban-forest-master-plan.pdf