MP: Hampton Recreation Master Plan


The Town of Hampton’s Recreation Master Plan provides the Town with direction for operational, program, facility, and open space needs over a ten-year planning horizon. The Master Plan is presented in two reports: a Technical Background Report, which was submitted under separate cover, and the Final Master Plan Report.

The Recreation Master Plan was developed in five phases. Phases One, Two, and Three form the Technical Background Report, which includes:

  • The Planning Context: population and socio-demographic information; service trends and practices; the service delivery system - staffing structure, policies and procedures; partnerships and agreements; facilities, programs, and parks and open space that define the existing recreation system.
  • Consultation: input from the community at large, focus group sessions, comment forms, key informant interviews, and public meeting participants.
  • Needs Assessment: information gathered and documented in the initial phases was analyzed to identify and prioritize recreation, infrastructure, program, resource and organizational needs.

Information from the three initial study phases is summarized in section 1.2 of the Final Master Plan Report.

The second report of the Master Plan titled Recreation Master Plan includes:

  • The Service Framework: desired outcomes of the Town’s recreation services; principles outlining how services should be provided; and a number of priority initiatives.
  • Master Plan Directions: recommendations for operational, program, facilities, parks and open spaces; a feasibility assessment for a multi-purpose centre; and a site assessment report for the library.
  • Implementation: information on timing and cost of recommendations as well as funding options and cost implications.
PDF icon Recreation Master Plan - Hampton

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