MP: Parks and Recreation Master Plan - Town of Innisfil


The Master Plan identifies needs and priorities for the Town and its partners to consider to the year 2031, by which time the town's population is expected to grow from 35,000 to 58,266 residents with greater diversification expected among the populace in terms of income levels, cultural backgrounds, age mix, etc. 

The Plan contains 71 recommendations spanning municipal delivery of parks and recreation facilities and services. A key tenet of the Master Plan is using such facilities and services in support of the place making initiatives. Place making is identified as a major theme ... Parks, recreation, and culture facilities and services can be used to develop a ‘sense of place’ through elements such as attractive park designs, inclusion of public art, and the creation of multi-seasonal facilities that attract usage throughout the year. Another central theme of the Master Plan is using parks, recreation and cultural facilities to create community hubs of activity.

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