MP: Winnipeg: General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres (GCWCC) Plan 2025


Plan 2025 is intended to help:

  • support and sustain a volunteer base for recreation services
  • guide the delivery of recreation programs
  • direct the development of recreation facilities

A three-phase approach was taken with the Plan 2025 planning process:

  1. Phase 1: Overview and Direction – This document provided an overview of the task and direction for more detailed planning by district
  2. Phase 2: District Plans – Five District Plans, one per each Community Centre District, under the guidance of volunteer planning committees who were appointed by each Community Centre District Board.
  3. Phase 3: Action Plan and Recommendations - This document summarizes the findings of the five District Plans and provides recommendations that can be acted upon by the Community Centres themselves, the Community Centre District Boards, GCWCC, and the City of Winnipeg.
PDF icon GCWCC) Plan 2025

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