My Journey with Tobacco: Youth Tobacco Cessation Toolkit Facilitator's Guide


National Association of Friendship Centres

The intent of the guide is to :

• Encourage tobacco cessation programming aimed at urban Aboriginal youth;
• Support existing youth programming;
• Contribute to the strongest possible efforts to support youth tobacco-use cessation;
• Recommend activities for urban Aboriginal youth in education, prevention, and tobacco cessation; and
• Guide discussions within and among organizations addressing or planning to address funding research and/or programs related to youth tobacco-use cessation.

The National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC), through research, interviews, and workshops, and with the guidance of a Steering Committee, identified a framework to support Aboriginal youth tobacco cessation (including activities and practice guidelines). For implementation, the NAFC has provided easy-to-use activities for the program facilitator and/or youth coordinator at Friendship Centres. This guide is meant to accompany the NAFC’s youth tobacco cessation toolkit which provides Aboriginal youth with tobacco education activities, facts and research. Together, these resources are intended to build and support a stronger infrastructure for the delivery of tobacco cessation programs and enhance existing Aboriginal youth programming.

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