Navigating The Divide: Muslim Perspectives On The Municipal Delivery of Leisure Services in Calgary


Canadian Congress on Leisure Research
Laurie Vandeschoot

There are generally two predominant conceptualisations of leisure that exist in Western vernacular. The first, the philosophic conceptualisation, contends that participation in leisure pursuits should contribute in a meaningful way to the participants’ personal development and self-fulfilment. By contrast, the folk conceptualisation of leisure held by ‘ordinary’ people is that they ‘just want to have fun’ in their free time and that this time shouldn’t be burdened with requirements for outcome-based measures such as self-development or self-fulfilment. Consequently, this folk conceptualisation that leisure is meant to expand experience, is often viewed as being at odds with the philosophic conceptualisation, that leisure is meant to improve its participants. This project explored this conflict to suggest ways and means for academics and practitioners alike to navigate their way across the divide. Published in 11th Canadian Congress on Leisure Research.

PDF icon Navigating The Divide

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