Neighbourhood Learning Centres - British Columbia


British Columbia Ministry of Education

This model uses the school facility for a wide variety of programs after school hours, on weekends and during school breaks throughout the year. Programming for all age levels is based on community interests and needs. Municipal bodies and regional districts are typical funding partners. Compared with the community school and the hub community school, and particularly if there is no designated staff, this model generally has less integration between regular day-school programs and the programs that operate beyond the school day. Findings show that when there are designated staff the degree of integration is higher.

The model includes three key components: 1) regular school programs with varying degrees of enhancement through community school coordinators, 2) after regular school hours community school programs, 3) after regular school hours municipal programs

After school, weekend and summer programs are offered by community school staff and/or municipal staff.

The focus of the municipal programs is primarily recreational.

The focus of the community school programs covers all areas: educational, recreational and social support services.

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