The Operating Engineers Regulation: How it Applies to Arenas in Ontario


Ontario Recreation Facilities Association

This publication looks at Ice Facility Operations in Ontario and the requirements under the Operating Engineers Regulation 219/01.

The Operating Engineers Regulation are written in a manner to help owners and operators interpret the Regulation and the requirements specific to their plant and its equipment; regrettably no one application of the OER can be applied directly across the province as each plant is different and such differences must be related to the Regulation requirements. Each change to a plant, incident, accident or non-compliance event requires a specific review to determine how the OER is to be applied. It is important to note that it is the “owners” and in attended plants, the chief’s responsibility to know, interpret and apply the application of the OER and to ensure compliance as well as monitor changes to the OER and Directors Orders in order to ensure that any changes are being complied with.

Interview with John Coulter, Chief Officer, Operating Engineers Regulation,Technical Standards and Safety Authority  Re-released May 2011

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PDF icon TSSA Interview on OER 2011 rev

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