By Opportunity of Leisure: Resource Package


Ontario Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Recreation. Recreation Branch (now Tourism, Culture and Sport)

This resource package looks at individuals, their community life, community agencies, and the contribution that leisure education can make to community goals. The package consists of three books that build upon each other and that ideally should be used sequentially. A fourth document, Planning Overview Sheets, is intended to be used along with the process outlined in book three.

The first book, Leisure: A Resource for Communities, discusses why the process of leisure education can improve the quality of our community services and how the process can be used by individuals and groups.

The second, Leisure and Your Lifestyle, is a series of experiential education exercises for individuals to take a fresh look at theirown leisure lifestyle.It can be used by or with anyone. It is designed to stimulate helping professionals to examine whether they are functioning as good models.

The third, Leisure Education and Your Agency, offers a step-by-step planning procedure for developing a dynamic leisure education approach. It is useful for any community service that aims to improve the quality of life through the quality of service.

The Planning Overview Sheets are intended to accompany the third book.

PDF icon Book 1: A Resource for CommunitiesPDF icon Book 2: Leisure and Your LifestylePDF icon Book 3: Leisure Education and Your AgencyPDF icon Planning Overview Sheets

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