An Overview and Introduction to the Green Communities Guide


Land Stewardship Centre of Canada
Brian Ilnicki

The Green Communities Guide was developed by the
Land Stewardship Centre of Canada (LSCC) to help communities
implement strategies to conserve water, protect water quality,
conserve agricultural land, open spaces and wildlife habitat in
Alberta's built environment. The tools presented in the Guide were
selected to address the key issues identified by planners and
developers, from preliminary surveys and discussions. Tools were
researched, described and accompanied by appropriate case studies to
provide details on implementation as well as contact information.
Through the Guide municipalities, planners, developers and builders
will be informed about innovative approaches other communities are
taking to avoid, mitigate, or reduce impacts that may, otherwise
affect ecological processes and reduce the flow of goods and

Presented at the 2009 Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Annual Conference and Energize Workshop.

PDF icon Green Communities GuidePDF icon Green Communities Guide - Canmore

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