Parks and Recreation Canada Volume 32 (1974) Issues 2-6


Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA)

Issue 2 Contains

  • Research - A Path to the Community
  • Urban Trees - Their History and our Need for Them Now
  • Managing the Leisure Service Delivery System
  • Educational Game Trains Future Administrator

Issue 3 Contains

  • Commonwealth Games get Strong Public Support
  • Urban Federal Park is Unique in Site, Concept and Planning
  • Nickel Stainless Steel Membrane Structures
  • Four Day Work Week and its Recreational Impactions

Issue 4 Contains

  • Vienna International Show Presents Unique Park Concepts
  • Nature and Society, Society and nature
  • Skagit Valley - International Environment Dilemma
  • Using Aerial Photography to Aid Parks Maintenance/Research

Issue 5 Contains

  • The 1976 Cultural Olympics
  • Wilderness Experiences for Increasing Numbers
  • Leisure as a Social Utility
  • Adventure Playground Tribulations and Successes

Issue 6 Contains

  • Hockey Violence - What is Being Done to Curb It?
  • Six-Minute-Mile is Possible - By an Athlete in a Wheelchair
  • Growth-Centered Coaching - Strive for it in Programmes
  • Expansion of Gardening Information Centre
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