Parks and Recreation Canada Volume 33 (1975) Issues 1, 2, 4-6


Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA)

Issue 1 Contains:

  • Quebec Plans for Stimulating Programme at Conference
  • Impact of the Energy Crisis on Parks and Recreation
  • Municipal Leisure Spending - The Research is Challenged
  • Task Force on Childrens Play

Issue 2 Contains:

  • Quebec City Set to Welcome You August 10-14
  • Wildlife in Urban Canada Symposium at Guelph
  • Community Schools - A Concept Going Wrong
  • The Return of the Dutch Natives

Issue 4 Contains:

  • Montreal's Olympic Facilities - Unique Concepts
  • And in 1977 It's on to South Africa
  • What is Leisure and How do We Tell the People?
  • Resource Surveys Protect our Heritage

Issue 5 Contains:

  • What Do You Know About our Tenth Province?
  • Unique Concepts in Budapest Parks Department
  • Adult Domination of Kids' Sports
  • Getting People Involved in Activity

Issue 6 Contains:

  • Corner Brook - Unique Small Community as Host
  • Urban Bikeways - Pedal Power Pressure Builds Up
  • Humber Arboretum to Feature Groupings in Continental Areas
  • Open Space for Everyone - The Demands are Increasing
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