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Power of Community Partnerships

Organization Sponsor: Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association
Discusses the advantages of tourism staff working in partnership with sport, culture and recreation to create community events, using a...

Try Treating Yourself Like a Dog

Organization Sponsor: Regina Health District
Overview of the health benefits of active living. Originally published in Recreation Saskatchewan, March 2000.

Barr Colony Heritage Cultural Centre Board: Terms of Reference

Organization Sponsor: Barr Colony Heritage Cultural Centre Board
Outlines the mission, responsibilities and procedures of this volunteer advisory board.

Designing Quality Customer Service Research

Organization Sponsor: Resource Management Consulting Group
This presentation from the Parks and Recreation Ontario 2006 Annual Education Forum, examines best practices for qualitative and...

Partnerships in Action

Organization Sponsor: Recreation Saskatchewan
Describes cultural exchanges between youth groups. Originally published in Recreation Saskatchewan, March 2000.

Put the pedal to the metal

Organization Sponsor: Canadian Physiotherapy Association
The Canadian Physiotherapy Association recommends the following bike fit tips to ensure a longer, more enjoyable riding season.

Ontario's Recreation Infrastructure Challenge

Organization Sponsor: Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO)
Presents a summary of the PRO multi-year research project looking at sport and recreation facilities in Ontario. Presentation from the...

Partnerships in Parks

Organization Sponsor: Prince Albert, City
Describes how partnerships have played a significant role in all aspects of park development and programming in Saskatchewan. Originally...

Partnerships in South East Saskatchewan

Organization Sponsor: South East Saskatchewan Association for Culture, Recreation and Sport
Describes the first part of a two year pilot project to form an alliance of regional recreations, and a sports council. Originally...

Opening Doors to Persons with Disabilities

Organization Sponsor: Get Active Now Canada
This workshop provides an overview of the Active Living Resource Centre , the Municipal Decal Recognition program, and the new Community...