Pathways and Trails: Better Outcomes through Inter–Municipal Cooperation

Neil Younger

Speakers: Neil Younger, Greg Van Soest, Veronique Pelletier

The City of Calgary and Rocky View County are seeking to develop a pathway and trail network that provides increased connectivity and better user experience. To facilitate this, the municipalities engaged O2 Planning and Design to undertake an evaluation of the existing network, identify missing critical links and opportunities, and recommend implementation, maintenance, and operation strategies. In this presentation, staff from Rocky View, Calgary describe current challenges and future aspirations with respect to pathways and trail connectivity between the respective municipalities. O2 provides an overview of the methods utilized for the project and summarize key findings. The focus is on demonstrating how to develop an inter-municipal network that is effective and sensitive to the environment while aligning with local and broader initiatives.

Presentation from the 2014 Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Annual Conference and Energize Workshop

PDF icon B2 Pathways and Trails - Inter-municipal cooperation

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