Physical Activity and Sport for Women Aged 55-70+ Program


Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS)

Physical inactivity levels for adults 55-70 is a concern in Canada and in particular for women in this group. There are many health and quality of life consequences as inactive people are more susceptible to health problems such as increased obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease. To help understand this issue, CAAWS has undertaken a project focused on understanding barriers and potential solutions to 55-70 and physical activity, and ultimately increasing physical activity opportunities for this target group. Based on 38 focus groups of active women, less-active women and community stakeholders from across the country, a number of resources have been developed:

Focus Group Report - In 2006 CAAWS conducted a series of cross-Canada workshops to hear from women 55-70 and community stakeholders about their physical activity challenges and solutions. The results of these focus groups are contained in a comprehensive report that provides plenty of ideas on how to modify facilities, programs, communication materials and more. PUBLICATION DATE: 2007

  • The Voices of Women 55-70 – A 4-page summary of cross-Canada focus group findings that assists stakeholders in their efforts to increase awareness of the importance of physical activity for women 55-70. PUBLICATION DATE: 2007
  • Making the Case: Physical Activity and Women 55-70 - A business case document that builds the rationale for stakeholders to seek funds/commitments from decision-makers to develop initiatives specifically targeted for women 55-70.  PUBLICATION DATE: 2008
  • Women 55-70 in Sport & Physical Activity Images – A DVD of 230 physical activity photos of women aged 55-70 to use on marketing materials, websites or other communications.PUBLICATION DATE: 2008
  • Women 55-70 and Physical Activity Fact Sheets – A series of fact sheets with helpful hints and examples, based on focus group findings. Topics include hosting focus groups and community consultations, program and serve delivery, marketing and communication, developing partnerships, and program evaluation. PUBLICATION DATE: 2008

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